Virtual Visa Card

from your CardBig Wallet you can active your virtual visa card for free, our visa card expired after two years from the date active it.

you can show your card details from your account > summary, you must deposit money to your wallet to activate your visa card and charge from your wallet.

it's Not a real Card to use it in the ATM, it's virtual to use it online .

Card Benefits :

- you can connect it with Google Play Store to pay anything from Play Store .

- you can connect it with APP Store to pay/buy anything from APP Store .

- shopping online after connect it with and buy where is PayPal accepted .

- you can Withdrawals Money from your PayPal to your card (5JOD fees) .

- you can charge your card directly from your wallet (5JOD fees) .

- you can Withdrawals Money from your card to any money Exchange Office .

- for security reason you can't use our card to shopping online from websites don't accept PayPal or Google Play Store or APP Store, PayPal help you to protect your card and pay safety.

- you can load your card directly from your CardBig Wallet .

- if you need another card to use it on an website, you can buy a non-rechargeable Card, we will destroy the card when the balance is under than 1 JOD, To buy a card send to wallet: the total amount Plus 5 JOD Card Fees, don't forget to write with details "non-rechargeable Card" .

if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.